Level 3 MBI:TAC assessor reliability testing

Descriptor: This training and assessment package enables practitioners to undertake an assessment that provides them with feedback about their level of reliability in assessing with the MBI:TAC in line with international benchmarks.

Participants will receive a number of audio-visual clips. They will be given time to review, and then to submit their view on competence level across the 6 domains, and qualitative feedback designed to give the teacher accurate, precise and encouraging feedback.

Delivery format: E-learning. Participants will be provided with an online link to a learning and assessment package.

Open to:

  • Practitioners who have competed levels 1 & 2 MBI:TAC training and who are training in a context that adheres to good practice in conducting assessments of students’ teaching.
  • Current MBITAC assessors who are in training contexts wanting to re-establish reliability to international standards.;

Learning aims:

  1. To enable participants to receive feedback on their use of the MBITAC as an assessment tool to support their ongoing learning as assessors
  2. To enable formal recognition of their reliability to successful participants.