Level 1 MBI:TAC training: Introduction to the tool

Supporting the Inner Teacher with the MBI-TAC: Cultivating Reflection, Embodiment and Competence

Descriptor: This level is designed as a foundational introduction to the use of the tool. By the end of the training participants will have enough familiarity with the tool to use it to support their own learning and development as mindfulness-based teachers, and if they are already supervising and training to begin to integrate it into these contexts. Further training will be required to resource participants to use the tool within training contexts, to offer structured feedback, and to conduct reliable assessments.

The course is anchored in the curriculums of MBSR and MBCT but is relevant and open to those teaching other curriculums.

The training starts with presentations on the rationale and process for the development of the MBI:TAC, then covers the structure of the tool, and methodologies for reviewing teaching practice. Participants are then given repeated opportunities to review video clips of mindfulness-based teaching practice. The clips include a range of experience and competence levels, and varied elements from the curriculums of MBCT and MBSR. This will be followed by explorations of and training in the use of the MBI:TAC to reliably recognize the ‘key features’ within the 6 Domains of MBI-TAC. In the early stages of reviewing clips, participants are being trained to ‘feature spot’ aspects of the teaching, and to use the MBI:TAC as a ‘lens’ through which to view the phenomenon of mindfulness-based teaching. Participants are given space to explore skilful ways of offering feedback to the teacher that is accurate, honest and supportive of learning. In the final phase of the training, participants are given space to explore the edges, potentialities and cautions when implementing the MBI:TAC in training and supervision.

There will be a focus on a personal and collective exploration of integrity in mindfulness-based teaching and the use of the MBI:TAC as a ‘lens’ through which to engage in this exploration. We will reflect on the vulnerability inherent in exploring our teaching in this way and the personal process themes that are triggered. We will consider how participants can take forward their learning and practice beyond the workshop.

Delivery format: Ideally delivered as a 2 day workshop. Could be adapted to zoom delivery.

Open to: Trained and participant mindfulness-based teachers. Participants must have completed a level 1 or equivalent mindfulness-based teacher training, and have taught a minimum of 2 mindfulness-based courses.

Learning aims:

  1. examine the particular nature of fidelity and integrity in mindfulness-based teaching
  2. present the rationale for the development of the MBI:TAC
  3. develop knowledge of the design and structure of the MBI:TAC
  4. Enable participants to develop a ‘way of looking’ at mindfulness-based teaching which enables a ‘seeing’ of both the whole and the elements of the teaching process
  5. acquire practice skills in reviewing mindfulness-based teaching using the MBI:TAC
  6. explore how this tool may be sensitively used to support personal learning and learning of others in supervision and training contexts
  7. discuss the potential and limitations of the MBI:TAC
  8. enable personal and collective examination of current and future directions for supporting clarity and consensus on mindfulness-based teaching integrity.

Precourse reading (available for download at www.bangor.ac.uk/mindfulness/publications):

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