The Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Teaching and Learning Companion (The TLC)

Reflective practice for mindfulness-based teachers

The TLC is an aid for reflective practice for MBP teachers. It is designed to be helpful for teachers at all stages, from those just starting their teacher training to those who have been teaching for years. Reflective practice is essential to teaching MBPs with integrity; it gives space to see what we are doing well, and to explore the inevitable ‘edges’ that arise when teaching. This companion reflective guide is based on the domains of the Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Teaching Assessment Criteria.
The TLC is available as a chapter within the book titled: Essential Resources for Mindfulness Teachers, Routledge (Crane, Karunavira, and Griffith, 2021). A shortened version of the chapter can be downloaded and printed out to support repeated reflective cycles. See here.

Translations of the TLC are available below: