Training to use the tool

The MBI:TAC has two broad applications:

  • A mapping of the territory of mindfulness-based teaching. This has a range of uses including enabling:
    • reflective conversations during supervision/mentoring
    • training programmes to be clear about the skills they are cultivating which helps the design of the programme, and helps trainees to understand the territory they are building skills within
    • a language and framework for feedback on teaching practice
    • individual teachers to reflect on their development/areas of strength/areas of learning need
  • An assessment tool (for research, and teacher training programme graduation)

The use of the MBI:TAC as a framework or mapping of the territory requires the user to become familiar with the domains (the elements) of competence and the key features within each domain. We recommend participating in a two day training – ‘learning to use the MBI:TAC’, and then embedding the tool into practice through building familiarity in its use.

The use of the MBI:TAC as an assessment tool requires a much greater level of precision and therefore needs a thorough training process combined with extensive practice. Before using the tool to assess others, it is critically important that that users receive training in the use of these assessment criteria. It takes time to become familiar with the contents, structure and process of the MBI:TAC, to reach a benchmark understanding of what the domains mean, and to discern the competence level of the teaching. The reliability of assessments increases as the assessor becomes familiar and more experienced with the criteria and with the process of using it to assess competence. There is further detail on training to use the tool within the MBI:TAC manual. We recommend participating in a two day training – ‘learning to use the MBI:TAC’, followed by a process of mentoring and checking to ensure that your assessments align with benchmarked assessments.

We are still in process with developing training. Brown University, Oxford University and Bangor University are working together on this. We offer in person and on-line trainings on the MBI:TAC.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining or commissioning a training process on

Training pathway to learn to use the MBI:TAC

1. Familiarisation with the MBI:TAC
Learning to use the MBI:TAC as a personal, reflective support during teacher training. This might include dialogue with mindfulness supervisor/trainer to explore learning needs and teaching strengths.
  • Use the sumamry version of the MBI:TAC to support reflective development
2. Using the MBI:TAC to support reflective development
Using the MBI:TAC to receive feedback/be assessed on your teaching.
  • Developmental and then summative assessment of your teaching with the MBI:TAC by peers/supervisor/trainer
  • Build familiarity with the tool as a support to your development
3. Developing teaching skills
Progression to using the MBI:TAC within your role as a supervisor or trainer.
  • Take a 2-day MBI:TAC training workshop
  • Practice using the tool to support reflection on teaching
4. Assessing others with the MBI:TAC
Learning to reliably use the tool to assess mindfulness-based teaching competence and adherence.
  • Take training with MBI:TAC developers to build skills in accurately applying domain/level descriptors
  • Benchmark assessments against centralised assessments on teaching practice until reliability is achieved
  • Take supervision with an experienced MBI:TAC assessor