Teacher development and the MBI:TAC

The MBI:TAC is used to assess the competence of trainee mindfulness teachers. The MBI:TAC is used by Universities in the UK as part of mindfulness- based postgraduate courses, and is progressively introduced to trainee mindfulness teachers on the course. During the first year of teacher training, trainees are marked assuming that the average competency level will be ‘advanced beginner’, in the second and third year of training, trainees are marked assuming that the average level will be one step higher then ‘advanced beginner’ – that of being a ‘competent’ teacher. Offering rich feedback is a core part of trainee development, when being assessed on the MBI:TAC, equal weight is given to summative comments (what the trainee is doing well on) and formative comments (where the trainee could improve). Feedback is as supportive and as specific as possible to enable trainees to feel confident in what they do well, and also highlighting areas for improvement.

A recent survey found that many people used the MBI:TAC as to aid self-development as a mindfulness teacher (so trainees self-rate using the MBI:TAC and use this as a basis for their personal development), currently a specific adaptation of the MBI:TAC is in development to be used as a self-rating tool (By Dr Gemma Griffith and Dr Rebecca Crane). This reflective tool will be much simpler and shorter than the original MBI:TAC manual, with the aim that it will be accessible and useful for trainees at all stages of their development as mindfulness teachers.